Friday, April 28, 2017

Getting the runaround

I seriously have to wonder how well Sophie, my White Russian, knows how to tell time? Every night she tucks me into bed.  Then minutes before the alarm goes off every morning she wakes me up.  Sometimes it's in a nice way, other times she pounces on my belly to announce her arrival.
We also have a Russian Blue named Bella.   This has been our challenging fur child.  She's not nice to Sophie; beats her up every chance she gets.  She hisses alot and smacks you when you don't do things her way.   She is getting better though and likes me more now than she has in the past.
They are both almost 8 years old and are starting to evolve into adult cat mode with new personality traits coming out weekly.
Bella's latest thing is needing to sit on the chair with me when I'm working on the computer.  The cats definitely run this house.  This morning (and many others in past) Bella gave me the run around.  First she wanted catnip, then more water, the food bowl wasn't full enough, then the window needed to be opened.  She must have carried on for over an hour until she finally settled in on the chair behind me where she is now.  Ah the life of a cat.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could have the superior service whenever we wanted anything?  LOL
Hope you don't get a week of the runaround at your house.  Then again, maybe we'd be fully bored if we didn't have anything to do?  
PS.  Although we don't currently have a dog, I do love them.  As kids my brother and I had a dog named Snoopy (original name, right? LOL)  She was a Sheppard/Lab mix and one of the most beautiful souls.  I did the "I'm a Dog" colouring book some time ago. Here's one of the pictures of a from inside... I think it's such a cute bulldog:checkingin995 (2)_LI
PPS. Love dogs?  Go buy one!

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