Friday, May 19, 2017

Where did that time go?

One would think after having a cold for 85 days (of what some called the 100 day cold) this past winter my immune system would be super strong.  Then Spring arrived.  So did the allergies.
I haven't had trouble with allergies for years.  I went through many AET (allergy elimination technique) sessions which reverses sensitivities.  I can't explain how it works but I do know it did.  I was allergic to outside (everything) and to my two cats at the time. After the treatments I could put my face into my cat's fur and nothing happened... no runny nose, no itchy eyes, no sneezing... they were all gone!  It was worth every penny I spent on the treatments.
I started thinking about going back to have my allergies reversed again (this is on the to do list) as I was telling someone I had them done about 7 years ago.  Then it hit me...
Sophie & Bella (my current furbabies) are 8 years old.  I had the AET done when my past babies (Alex & Chimo) were alive... Chimo's been gone for 9 years and Axel 12.
12 years?
Where the heck did that time go?
Apparently... "Time is fleeting, madness takes control" ~Rocky Horror
Seems like only yesterday.  
FYI for those curious about AET the woman I have seen in past is in Brantford (  I do recommend it.  As mentioned I'll be going back soon myself.
Enjoy a safe & happy long weekend!
PS.    Allergies make me feel like Medusa... 

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