Friday, June 09, 2017


This may sound crazy but I think my blue jay came back today!  Several years ago there was a blue jay born in the backyard and came to sit near me on the back patio.   Here he is in the tree...
I was just outside and an adult blue jay hopped over near me.  I started talking to it as I wasn't sure he knew I was there... he was seriously close without fear.  He kept hopping toward me just watching.  As I stood there he flew up to the side of the house and took down a hornet's nest for us and ate all of the eggs etc., inside of it.  Then he flew away.
Thanks baby blue!
I have no idea if it was the same one, but it made me wonder if they come back to the same backyard as 'home'?  I found this:
The real miracle is the seamless fusion of these tools over vast distances. "Birds really do have a remarkable ability to home back to a particular place," Weidensaul says. "They're coming back to the same back yard, the same tree. They have a whole suite of cues they can use to get there. And it may be that, depending on global conditions, they learn to rely on one more than the others."
Whether or not it was my jay, that was pretty cool!
Enjoy this Strawberry full moon!
PS.   On the theme of returning, a few weeks ago I gave someone my cart from the grocery store that are a $1 rental.  This week she came to class to give me my dollar back.  LOL... I told her to pass it along to someone else and keep it going.  Pay it forward and all!
PPS.  Have you picked up one of my colouring books yet?  Go buy one.  Thank you!

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