Friday, June 02, 2017

White Light

So it seems I shouldn't wear white after Victoria Day.  And yesterday I learnt I should look in the mirror more often.  After I got home from teaching I went to put my hair up and when I finally did look into the mirror saw I had spilled my morning coffee all over my white shirt!
Not one of the 45 people I had contact with during classes (or the others I spoke to all day) told me.  New rule... no more white!  At least I didn't walk around all day with egg on my face - or did I?
I have a new obsession... Matt Kahn
Have you heard of him?  I just cyberly met him this past week and I have a serious soul crush on this guy!  He is an amazing spiritual teacher.  Here's one of his videos that really resonated with me...

What was interesting, among many other things, was the portion of the video where he discusses emptiness.

Years ago when I lived alone I would go to bed at night and feel empty - which at the time associated with loneliness and depression.  There was this void that would enter and feel overwhelming.  At the time I hated this feeling. Then if you had told me this was a connection to the divine I would have told you to F-O or similar words.
Years later, I enjoy this sensation when it arrives.  I embrace it.  This void is so expansive; comforting truly without pain, without peril. It was interesting to hear him explain this emptiness, this connection to source.
The space between the breaths can hold this sensation as well.  The gap where the inhale meets the exhale, or the exhale greets the inhale.  It was either Rod Stryker or Stephen Cope ( can't recall which one) who taught this during a meditation retreat.  This space or void is your connection to the soul.  Today I receive this idea with a new understanding.
I'll leave you with this for today.  And ask if you see me wearing white with a coffee stain please mention it!  I'll do the same so we have each other's backs... or front so it seems.
Keep shining your light.

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