Saturday, June 24, 2017


Finally summer has arrived, but so far the rain hasn't stopped.  Let's hope the entire summer won't be a wash out.
I live in a wooden century home which needs to be painted.  We didn't get to it last year because of construction across the road.  There was so much dust & debris from the construction we weren't able to get close to the job.  And so far this year the weather is stopping us from getting to it as well; either too wet or too humid.
Funny how the universe slows us down sometimes.  Being a Sagittarius I'm not the best at this.  I like to be on the go and get things done.  
A few years ago my Mom was hit by a truck (unfortunately) while walking and is still working toward healing from it's aftereffects.  When I told mentioned the slow down she said, "Better to slow down this way than to get hit by a truck."  ... good point Mom!
I'm working toward allowing and accepting this new pace; even if this is the last thing I'm ready to do.  I'm breathing into the openness of the season and enjoying life one moment at a time.
May you allow yourself to slow it down too!
PS.  I finished "I'm a Dragon" colouring book... check it out, better yet go buy one!  Colouring is a great stress reliever & a good way to slow down!

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