Friday, December 08, 2006

Attached to Bling

My husband Lyle called me in a panic this morning. He lost his wedding ring. Poor little guy is loosing his mind because he doesn't know where it went (I call him little because I am 6'1 and he is only 5'9 trying to be 6'1" me he is little; actually almost everyone is! LOL).
The ring hasn't seen water since it went on his finger; always takes it off before showering or doing dishes. Now it isn't that out of the ordinary for things to go missing in this 100+ year old house. Several things have disappeared from the kitchen table; sometimes they return, other times they never do. I told him to speak to Tony (St. Anthony..patron saint of lost items - yep, we ARE on a first name basis! Tony helps me all the time) But so far, Tony hasn't helped.

I'm hoping it will show up - Lyle looked ill when he got home from work. I know one or both of us created this. I've personally thought many times, "You shouldn't leave that ring there, you're going to loose it."

I explained to him tonight though, he should never be attached or worry about anything that can be fixed or replaced by money. The vows come from within the heart and not from something that hugs the finger.

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