Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time sure flies!

12 Years and one day ago I started the journey into Yoga teacher training.  It was such a powerfilled day being it was also 9/11.  (Prayers to all who lost family on this day) 

It was such an emotional day which makes it easier to recall.  Think about that for a moment - it's really easy to recall days when trauma occurs.  It's more challenging to recall the better days.  When we have emotional charges we can easily recall life.

So think back now 12 years ago.  Where were you then?  What were you doing when the towers went down?  What were the larger issues of your life at that time?

Now take a step back.

A bird's eye view if you will and look at your life from a larger perspective.

Consider all of the things that have occurred.... the triumphs, the blessings, the passing of souls, the loss, the trauma.  What a roller coaster ride it's been!

Look next at your own growth and give yourself credit for doing the best you could throughout these times; it's where you were in your process of life.

Now set a clear intention for change for the next 12 flies by so fast.  And it's so easy to take it all for granted, n'est pas?

Don't loose a moment!

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