Monday, September 09, 2013

And the times they are a'changin

As I typed the title of this post I just realized how long it's been since I've played this song on the guitar.  I'll definitely have to fiddle with the Fender later and see how I make out with that. 

Yes change, it's that time of year - change in so many ways.

Children are back to school so it's a time for change with students, for parents and for teachers.  As a Yoga teacher its time for me to get back to the mat with my yoga tribe (something I've truly missed over the past month and can't wait to get back to).  It's growing close to a change of season and the energy of the planet is also in it's state of change and flux as we embrace a cooler climate in Ontario.

It's how we show up for the changes that is significant. 

How are we embracing change?

Are we able to show up fully?  And if so do we do with tired feelings, anxiousness or happiness? 

It is interesting to become an observer and simply watch ourselves in the midst of change.

There is so much we can learn simply by being and watching.

The trick is to do so without giving our inner critic energy; without judgement as we allow the process of change to unfold within our lives and our hearts.

Embrace the changes around you with an open heart and an open mind; knowing that some changes can result in our largest amounts of growth.

Trust you are being guided and remember you have so much potential in there!

Much love,

PS.  So one thing I've changed is how I'm going to be using my Etsy shop.  I am now ready and will make the time to sell physical paintings and not only offer digital.  Here are the first two that are no longer digital:

The Beach

 Thank you so much for your support!   You rock!

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