Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Chinese New Year

Here's my art journal post inspired by the Year of the Wooden Horse. 

 From another perspective - I find it hard to get good lighting for pictures right now but here it is...

Say look at these more closely and tell me if you can see the lady on the right side of the page (so kewl)!  

This one is on a flat canvas board which will eventually make it over to my Etsy shop (yes I've been lazy with that recently).  Again the picture doesn't do the painting justice, but you get an idea....

May the Wooden Horse gallop into your life & find you prosperous and well!  

PS.  I'm also fully addicted to astrology & horoscopes (always have been although before it was always about tarot cards and psychics).  Truth be told I don't question the future as much anymore and work toward being here and now.  Which I guess is why I adore art journaling so much. 

Anyhow... a great site if you are interested in learning about your sign and the year of the horse is:

I'm sure there are many other sites, but I do enjoy this one.  

Thanks for stopping by!


Magic Love Crow said...

Your horses are excellent!!! I see the lady ;o)

Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty said...

Thanks Stacy! Lyle said he can see lots of things but no lady... lol

Our Neck of the Woods said...

It's very pretty! I think I can see the lady as well!

Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty said...

Glad you can see her too - otherwise I'd think I'm going crazy!