Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Attachment to my Peeps

I work with a lot of seniors.  One of them last week came to class up in arms about the fact that her Niece had come to her house and had taken her car keys.

The woman I'm talking about is probably 77 I'd guess.

She was so upset so I asked her what had happened?

She told me her car keys are kept by her purse beside her front door.  Her Niece walked in the door, took the keys and said, "You won't be needing these anymore!"

She was so upset.  And she told me only her Doctor can tell her she can no longer drive.  I explained to her that if she is interested in still driving all she needs to do is to take the test with the Ministry and they will decide.  I also believe the test is only written and as far as I know they don't have to do a driving test unless they ask &/or pay more to do so.

She picked up a few fliers from the front desk which said pretty much what I had told her.

One week later.....

She showed up in class so of course I was curious if she got her keys back? I asked her. 
Her response was, "Why?  Where are they?"

It through me for a second before I explained I thought her relative had taken the keys from her.  It took her a minute too before she said, "Yes I just have to write some test."

So now it all makes more sense.  I was so caught up in the women's story that I forgot to look at it from the opposite perspective.  Maybe there's a reason the Niece had the keys after all?

Sometimes being a Yoga teacher is really challenging; especially for those of us that love what we do and who we do it with. 

Another student passed away last week.  I didn't hear about the Internment arrangements until after everything was over; would have been nice to say goodbye with the rest of the community.  I did light a candle here for her though. 

What can I say?
I am attached to my peeps.
Plus I just want them all to remain safe & sound...

PS.  The 77-ish year old also told me how much she loves coming to the classes and how healthy she feels they are for her.  I hope she is still able to come for as long as she can.

PPS.  Hang tight over the next 48 hours - it's an eclipse time.  It's time to clear things away.  Release whatever you want to get rid of. 

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