Monday, June 01, 2015

Happy June

Wow has the time simply flown by or what?

It's so hard to believe that my brother has been gone since March 13th and we are now looking at June.  I guess that's how it goes, life does go on.  I remember how much I've hated hearing those words over these past weeks; but it is the indelible truth.

The ebb and flow of life and time.

I've been very blessed and am so grateful to be surrounded by such loving souls.  Here's what one person just said yesterday, "Very happy to see you today. It made me realize what a beautiful, and special person you are." 

So nice to hear.

Wouldn't it be amazing if everyday we were supported in this truth?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could tell ourselves how great we are without ego or self centeredness, but to simply come through with greater amounts of self love?

Wouldn't it be a great if we loved every inch of our minds and our bodies?

And if you believed you were such a beautiful soul what would you do today to feel even better than ever before?

Just some food for thought before I go and find some actually food.
Lunchtime... I'm hungry

Cheers & much love,
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