Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Meditations & Colouring

Hey All!
Happy June!  I hope you are having a great day.

We are being reminded of the cycle of life in our fish tank these past days.  We have two tanks; a 30 and a 60 gallon.  It's the 60 gallon tank that is truly a teacher lately.

We've lost a few fish... Pretty died and we just had to put down Zeibs.  They were both our original fish in this tank which I believe is 7 years old.  Pretty was just old.   But Zeibs was being eaten by our pleco and beat up by the younger fish in the tank.  He did his best, but loss the battle and we didn't want to watch him suffer in his final hours.  It's always heart breaking to have to put down a fish.

Anyhow we've been thinking of getting 4 more fish for the tank to repopulate it.  Then yesterday I was watching my finned friends swim around and found two fry in there!  Our Electric Yellow Labs had babies!  It's so exciting.  Trouble is we can't get the fry out of the tank to protect them from the other cichlids.  Here's hoping the little guys make it and the other's don't decide to eat their young.

The ebb and flow of life in the tank, a reminder our own personal flow.

Remember I told you I'd let you know when my Totem Colouring Books would be updated with a meditation?  Well, they all set!  If you are interested in your animal totems go grab your copy today!   You can find them here at Amazon

Be well,

PS.  Also featured on Amazon is This Stage of Grief, a book to support you through any grieving journey;  this was inspired by the loss of my brother and the challenges that accompany the grieving journey.  It's not an easy process as you may know.

And My Mantra Colouring Book - A Yogini's Journey... a fun whimsical girls book for you to colour and chant away with!

You can also have a look inside them there!

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