Friday, September 16, 2016

Angel Messages and the Full Moon

Happy Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Pisces all!
Last week while at Chapters my Mom and I purchased a new deck of cards.  This set is from Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh called, “Talking to Heaven”.
As some of you may know my brother passed away last year.  It has been such a challenging time for the family.  We’ve experienced the deepest loss and the effects of his passing remain with us; I’m sure for the rest of this lifetime.
Over this period of time, since his passing last March, I have had many dreams about him.  Just this last week he came to me to help me to figure something out.  This morning I picked up the deck and asked him what messages he wanted to tell me today?  Below is card I pulled.
I had to laugh as I recall the dream fully and feel a deep sense of knowing that yes he is alive, albeit on a different plane, and is still working toward helping those he left behind.
May this full moon find you experiencing wellbeing and a knowing that you are being supported by invisible guides and angels.
PS.  Man, I need a manicure!  LOL

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