Friday, March 17, 2017

Yoga Real Estate

I had a teacher once that moved his yoga mat to a different location for every class.  It always kept the students on their toes and made them explore their attachments to their yoga space.
I find it interesting how much we are creatures of habit.  How we move into our classes and place our mats in the exact same spot each week.  And the looks on students faces when someone is in 'their spot' as if it's going to change their experience.  I have even experienced some students tell others, "You can't go there that's so-and-so's place".
For awhile I encouraged people to come into the room and find a different spot to practice.  And found it equally interesting to watch my own reaction when the students weren't in 'their spot'.
Recently one mentioned how another always comes in and has to be in one particular place in the room.  I hadn't paid much attention to it; normally before classes I'm still deciding what I will teach or how to approach the asanas in a way that I haven't yet explored or presented.  But this week I saw it... the student put her mat down into 'her' place.  Students from the prior class hadn't even left yet.  I watched as she pushed her way into her space where two others were still talking.  I witnessed "she's not doing it right rudeness".  The two who were still talking didn't say anything, they didn't have to their faces said it all.  Apparently she thought the yoga real estate was ripe for harvest.
Isn't it odd how much in our heads we can be, how caught up in our own experiences that we are absent to what is going on around us?  And isn't this a portion of why we practice to become more present?  I encourage you to show up more fully and notice not only what is happening with self, but also others.  You may just find your connection to your space isn't as valuable as you had previously imagined specifically if your find your space has a sold sign on it.
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