Friday, April 07, 2017

Retrograde Planets

April brings four planets in retrograde.  Those of you who love astrology and study the planets probably are aware of this.  For everyone else when a planet is in retrograde it is said to be moving backwards.  
Currently, or very soon anyhow, there will be four planets in retrograde:  Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury.  One of my students this week said, "Oh, that can't be good!"  LOL.. that's the thing; it's not good, nor bad, it just is.
So among many things to look forward to this month we've got Mercury who will make us revisit communications of all kinds, Venus who will reexamine your relationships, Saturn who will bring karmic retribution and Pluto who brings change and endings.
None of this should be feared, but experienced.   Here's a longer link to consider these themes:  
Yogi Bhajan taught a meditation technique back in the 70's to help us modify the effects of the Saturn retrograde.  It helps to shift the energies from negative karma into dharma (our job to serve).   It has a specific mudra and chanting of "Hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, har"  for 11 or 31 minutes while keeping the hands in Shuni Mudra.
We can say this planetary awareness is all hogwash and if you don't believe it that's fine.  However consider when people say, "Is there a full moon or something?  Everyone is acting crazy!"  Maybe it holds some merit?  
You can decide.
Until next time,
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