Friday, April 14, 2017

What a week

Between the Pepsi fiscal, United Airlines, Sean Spicer, Syria, CBS's Survivor it's been quite a week.  And I'm probably missing a few things.  I think one thing we're learning in this 'new age' is the power of social media.
The movement's are important for change.  We can have a voice as a collective and it seems "be the change we wish to see".    
Now if we could only do as much with our personal relationships.  We can't force change in interpersonal relationships even if we'd like to.  
There will be those in our lives who will ignore us, not speak to us, not respond to text messages or other forms of communication.  Now we could spatter these thoughts all over the internet.  Or we can sit the experience, not post them on social and see where our attachments lie.
Are we attached to the people, the experiences, the precious moments of the past?  If we sit with these uncomfortable personal experiences we may begin to grow.  We may learn some individuals are teaching us (even if we don't wish to be taught).  
Maybe we are learning lessons of healthy personal boundaries or self love? 
I think the best we can do when it comes to those who are challenging us is breath into the moments of peace (or count to 10 - 10x ..LOL).  Stay present and true to self.    
As you spend time with your loved ones this weekend, remember sometimes you are being taught.  And sometimes you will teach. We can force change or we can allow... which will you choose?
Wishing you a great long weekend & Happy Easter to those who celebrate.
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