Friday, January 10, 2014


One of the things I adore about art journaling is the ability to create something wonderful out of emotions that may not feel the best.  All of us have things in our lives we wish we could change; things that aren't to our liking.

The things we wish were different can be a source of fear, struggle and depression.  Or we can utilize the saying, "Help me to accept the things I can not change" (I know, so 12 steps here, right?)  We can poke fun or realize it's essence of truth.

We can keep up the struggle and allow the chaos into our internal world, or we can release it to the larger powers of spirit; trusting things will unfold as they should (which they will anyhow regardless of our involvement).

This was similar to one of my journal entries which helped me shift from the pain of a situation to releasing it to spirit.

Isn't she lovely?  I even found the courage to thank this situation as a blessing:


 I have no idea why the bird ended up in there but for some reason it wanted to be.


Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you too find a way to come to a place of acceptance with something you are struggling with.