Friday, March 21, 2014

Cake eating season, cats and art

Hey all!
Hope you are enjoying the start of Spring!  We didn't do much for Ostara, but I'm on my Spring cleanse so I'm really behaving myself right now!  LOL

Here's some shots of my girls.  This is Bella!  She's afraid of her own shadow, and on average a really grumpy Russian Blue unless you do what she wants you to do.

She gets mad a lot a Sophie.... she's our little Princess.  Sophie is pretty cute until the screeching starts when the lights go out at night and she thinks its time to play.  Her one eye is 1/2 blue and 1/2 green.

Here's a journal entry I did.  I glued crystals on her for earrings... she's so cute.  The cat turned up later on.  I didn't take a picture of the whole thing just this side of the page... the other part says Spring!  Which is here, right?  Someone outta tell Mother Nature so.    

And here is the Owl I was talking about the quote I stoled from Donna... "always believe something wonderful is about to happen".  I saw the Owl clock and the dollar store and had to bring it home and paint it.  I'm an owl in Indian lore so I thought it was fitting.  It was fun to create!

Cake eating season is almost over, there are a few more birthday's to go - we'll see if I eat anymore cake, I'm feeling done with them if truth be told!  I'm more of a crave salt type of person but I've given up chips for awhile because I could stop at just one... bag that is!  LOL

Until next time....
Cheers and have a great weekend!



My Garden Diaries said...

Beautiful journal entry friend! And that owl is just awesome....I need to put that quote somewhere! Loved your cute! A wonderful weekend to you friend! Nicole xo

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Slowly getting around to some blog reading...been a hell of a few weeks! Your artwork is WONDERFUL! LOVE the owl - love the cats. This has left me with a smile on my face before bed tonight - Happy Saturday - Tanya

Magic Love Crow said...

Your owl is too cool! Love him! Excellent journal page! Bella looks so grumpy! Give her some vodka! LOL! Sophie is so cute ;o)
"Power To The Green" ;o) LOL!