Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guided toward WellBeing

Ok, so I was wrong about the Royal baby - there was a 50% shot that I was right.  Still think its funny he was born on a full moon though.

Just a fast post today as I promised to let you know when I had posted my Exercise & Wellbeing  product over on my Etsy page.

 So did you hear, I posted my 40 Day Mini Exercise and Wellbeing Journal Printable Weight loss guide and planner over on my Etsy page?  LOL

I had so much fun putting this program together.  The mini journal above supports 40 days of recording your behaviours & a place for you to pre-plan some changes.  Plus you get all of these:


Exercise Plan, shopping list, Weight & Wellbeing Journal, Health & Wellbeing script (all of these are 8 1/2 x 11") and more... go see them on the Etsy shop.  Anyhow they'll help you to get through the 40 days of shifting your behaviours. 

We can all have a plan, but it is those who write their plans down succeed more than those who do not.  The act of writing puts the plan into action and allows you to see where you are headed, record your success & progress and helps you to overcome resistances in this case to release.  This not only applies to weight release but all other aspect of life also.

That's really what it is about when it comes down to releasing whatever it is we no longer wish to hold onto.  Realize for the most part it is only a behaviour pattern and behaviours can be changed. 

Repeat after me, "Changing is effortless and easy"

Now you may not believe that, but the more you say it the more the mind will believe it.  It is our wish that you live your best life possible.  May you be happy, peaceful, loving & enjoy the health and wellbeing that is your birth right. 

May you be continually blessed and find peace.


PS. Here's a mini meditation for today I stumbled upon written by Ram Dass:

"Ask yourself: Where am I?

 Answer: Here.

Ask yourself: What time is it?

Answer: Now.

Say it until you can hear it."

PPS.  Now if I can remember to use this later while I'm at the dentist it will all be good.  I did just write it down or type it (in this case) so in this thinking it will be!

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